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Jan 2, 2022

Does the thought of posting your face on TikTok still make you cringe? Would you do it for $100,000? What about $100,000 in one day? Kat Norton goes by Miss Excel on TikTok and Instagram, where she has a combined social media following upwards of a million people. She operates entirely as a one-woman show to leverage that following into a software training business that, according to one report, makes around $250,000 to $300,000 per month (and once pulled in $100,000 in 24 hours). 

And she's only been at this since June 2020.

Unlike many creators, Kat doesn't post spon-con on her channels, and instead uses social media entirely as a marketing machine for her course biz.

Before Kat started her TikTok channel 18 months ago, she worked a regular 9-5 gig and created Excel training modules for her employer on the side. Feeling meh about her career, Kat invested time and money in getting over her fear and embarrassment of posting on TikTok, and focused on mastering manifestation and energetics through programs like Lacey Phillips' To Be Magnetic Course. She then posted her first video, and hasn't looked back. 

If the word manifest just triggered an eye roll, and a headline about earning "$100k in 24 hours" makes you cringe, give Kat a sec to change your mind in episode 34 of the Female Founder World podcast. She's also a masterful creator with plenty of tips who knows exactly what's working on TikTok.


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