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Nov 2, 2021

Emily Elyse Miller may have raised $2.3 Million to launch OffLimits, but it’s thanks to some scrappy marketing strategies (that any biz owner can learn from) that her company is taking off. 

OffLimits is a defiant cereal brand that’s here to break the rules and prove that cereal can be both fun and healthy. In this episode Emily outlines the content tentpoles she’s using on TikTok, her guerilla marketing tactics, and the $99 class that taught Emily everything she needed to know to raise $2.3 Million in funding. Don’t sleep on this class - I took it on Emily’s recommendation and feel ready to raise $$$. 

Before she launched OffLimits, Emily Elyse Miller built a reputation as an international authority on breakfast. Through her BreakfastClub series, she’s hosted events around the globe with renowned chefs. BreakfastClub led to a globally distributed book deal with Phaidon featuring 380 traditional breakfast recipes from 80 countries. 


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