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Aug 4, 2022

Stephanie Hon’s on Female Founder World today! She’s the founder of Cadence, the business behind the customizable, leakproof, magnetic travel containers you’ve been seeing all over TikTok and Instagram. 

Steph started this business during the pandemic, raised money just on an idea, and basically ignored most of the business advice that was given to her. Today she manages a team of 25 and a thriving ecommerce company. 

We asked her the nitty gritty details. When did she start taking a salary from the business? How much money did it take to get started, and what did she spend it on? What marketing moves is Cadence marking right now? 

Your Female Founder World host Jasmine Garnsworthy dives in during this episode of the pod. Enjoy! And don't forget to drop us a review (TYSM!). 

P.s. sorry about Jasmine's audio quality here. Our bad!

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